leek soup APPETIZERS
Pigeons and Peas ENTRÉES
Garlic Green Beans SIDES
Yogurt Cake with Berries DESSERTS


Les Recettes de Colette (Colette’s Recipes) is an homage to the late Colette Mercier and the food she used to cook for her family in the small beach town of Coudeville-sur-Mer, France. The receipes were taken fom a book created by her daughter, Françoise, and her grand-daughter, Eva. Cooking was a joy to Colette and cooking for other people was her way of showing her love. Colette’s recipes are the best that anybody has tasted, hands down. This is because she made recipes that were quintessentially French and accesable to a beginner cook.

When people think of French cuisine they think it’s either too complicated or they are afraid to try some of France’s delicacies (think escargot and frog legs). Those aren't the recipes included in Les Recette’s de Colette!Les Recettes de Colette will only include recipes that any level chef can cook with ingredients found in any grocery store (provided it is in season) and will be healthy, diverse, and French! The recipes will focus on lunch and dinner foods: appetizers, entrées and suggested sides. It will also have a few classic and easy desserts only found in French homes.